Back at it

I’m just going to go ahead and put this one out there, not pretend like it hasn’t been over 3 years since I last threw something up on the internet. Maybe I’ll chat a bit about those missing years in the future. Maybe not. I’m not going to make any promises, and based on my track record, I think we all know which is the more likely reality.

Either way, I’ve been inspired and motivated to start up again, not necessarily because I think I have a lot of important things to say, but more because I think I will really appreciate having something to look back on when I have moved on to the next step of this beautiful life. With this, I’m going to try to give a realistic picture of what this life entails.

To start with, I’m sitting in the airport, on the way back to Fortuna Hjørring in Denmark to start our new season. Just writing that sentence is making my eyes water…this is awkward, 31 years old and I still cry every single time I leave home. It’s the hardest part. Well, after trying to pack all my peanut butter, new boots/gear, candy, and other random things that I feel like I need(want) from home to make my life abroad easier. Side note, I don’t suggest bringing food in your carry-on. It has to go through extra security these days, and yes, I did feel like I was being judged for that box of Poptarts that had to go through a drug screening. Anyway, leaving home is never easy, especially after the awesome two weeks that I’ve just spent with my amazing family and friends.

The only way to handle missing all that on a daily basis is making it worth it. And the only one who can make that happen is me. I’ve found that for me that means finding the joy in all the small things that come with this journey and appreciating those moments. Football makes me happy, excited, confident, angry, disappointed, proud, amazed and so much more. It makes me smile when I think about the emotions that come with it. There is also something special about that gameday experience, which I haven’t discovered anywhere else yet. It’s given me the opportunity to meet so many really cool people. It’s allowed me the opportunity to travel the world. And it has taught me innumerous lessons about people, myself and how we all interact to become our best selves and make the world a better place. It makes us all stronger. Also, I just really love throwing all of yourself into something and seeing how far you can go (I should probably apply that one to this blog…).

I hope you all enjoy what is coming up! And if you have any requests of things to write about, or advice about anything in the women’s professional football world, request and ask away! The first thing I’ll say a little something about is one of the most fun football experiences that I get to be a part of at Fortuna Hjørring, Dana Cup!

*This was written 15/07, during a lovely 7 hour layover.


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